Techfins help you surf better, it's like putting a better engine and tires on your ride.

Surf with more speed, traction and agility.
Upgrade your surfboard's performance.

 Techfins introduce new dimensions in fin design:

 More Volume

Techfins are thicker than standard fins.
  • More fin volume creates more lift.
  • Fins use lift for speed, traction and flow.
  • Techfins are up to 3x thicker than  standard fins.

 New Foils

Techfins use foils new to surfing:
  • The Megas use concave to create tons of drive.
  • The Kaijans let you drift while setting big, carving lines.
  • The Daemons have concave and twist, for drive and hooking turns.

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Help Bring Techfin-making ability to surf towns abroad

 In the developing world, it is now feasible to be able to own a 3D printer. Being able to produce TechFins surfboard fins represents a new example for how prople in developing world areas can gain better access to surfing, income from sales of quality goods and even new educational opportunities. Please click the link above this paragraph to learn more about this effort that's beginning to come into form.