It all started in Ecuador,

 I was visiting the country in late 2015 and found a town, Mompiche, with one of the best point breaks on the continent.. one of the best when the swells are there, but when it's not pumping, that wave turns into a fin-breaker. 

 A couple days into that trip, some of the kids I'd befriended came up to me and asked if I had any extra fins I could give them. I would have like to, but as you probably know fins are expensive, and we need any spares we have just in case one of our fins break.

 When I returned home, things happened that would eventually lead to me discovering a new way to design fins that not only makes it easier for surfers to shred, but they're also the first fin designs that are strong enough to surf when made on a 3D printer!

 After taking a class in Technical Drawing (CAD), I worked at drawing fin shapes that incorporate hydrofoil templates into their shapes. It wasn't easy! After a lot of effort, I figured out how to make proper fin shapes. After a little more trial and error, I found a design recipe that works very well. The first generation of these designs are the fins you see available now on this website!

 Now, I'm sorting out the final pieces of this puzzle, to figure out how to bring fin printing capabilties to surfers in towns like Mompiche, while securing a reliable income for myself with this, so I can continue to grow this project while I enjoy exploring new designs and even shapes for foil boards.